Graphic design is a crucial step in every visual communication process. As a result, the team at Art By Donna Gilbertson has decided to give you all its advice and tips for an ultra-stylish and above all successful visuals.

All graphics designers need royalty free images. They have the need to do so in order to create graphic creations, each one crazier than the next. To help them in their quest for perfection, you can introduce them to the free image banks. What is it? What is it? The free image banks include a whole bunch of icons, photographs, creative visuals, images, drawings, etc. that are free of copyright. What does that mean? Well, the conclusion is quite simple: any graphic designer can use images from an image bank because they are totally free to use. As in everything, there are free and paid image banks. For your customers, we invite you to discover the five best free and the five best paying with their strong points. Thus, there will be something for all tastes and expectations.

For any graphic creation, it is important to be able to count on different inspirations. For a graphic creation, it is necessary to be able to have many illustrations. And yes, a graphic arts professional is called upon to produce a lot of visuals for many fields. Let’s take the example of an independent graphic designer: he can be contacted by telephone operators, major consumer groups or clothing brands. As a result, it must be versatile. And for that, it needs great resources. So, when your customers contact you to print materials, feel free to search the royalty-free image banks. When creating them graphically, they will be happy to have several alternatives.

Use the right colours for a sparkling graphic design. Coloues are part of the most important point of visual communication. And yes, the consumer will be directly influenced by the shades of a graphic creation. This is why it is important to pay attention to what professionals call the psychology of colours. Indeed, in marketing, everyone pays a lot of attention to the meaning of colours. As a result, a long time ago, marketing and consumer professionals produced a colour guide. The latter perfectly answers the questions that might be asked: which colour for which emotion. But be careful, the colours also depend on the consumer’s experience. So this guide is a good basis, but don’t take it literally. Especially since it is also necessary to take into account the association of colours. What if there’s something to remember? Match the shade to the brand’s desire.

Colour is generally intended only to seduce the consumer. However, it should be borne in mind that this is not always the case. And yes, the shades can be used as a repellent. To give you an idea, let’s take the example of the Pantone 448C color. The latter is used to cover cigarette packages in France and it really does not make you want to. Its purpose is not to seduce, but to curb tobacco consumption by smokers. Pantone® is a range of colours that all artists should be aware of. What a class to have a Pantone® shade in your graphic design! For the quick information, every year, Pantone® designers elect a colour. This year 2018 it is the Ultra Violet that is put on the forefront. Between inventiveness, imagination, cosmos and originality, this colour will seduce more than one customer.

The realization of graphic creation is a very important step in any visual communication process. It is true that building a creative campaign is not easy, especially for the graphic designer or anyone else who makes the visuals. A graphic design is full of surprises, good or bad, and therefore tricks to know at your fingertips. The team has given you their best advice from the closet. For a successful graphic design and a successful sales campaign, there are several steps to consider for a successful impression.

Play on the visual with stunning optical illusions. To mark the minds of consumers, it will be necessary to have fun with shadows, dimensions, illustrations, etc. It should not be forgotten that the objective is to get a message across through this graphic creation and not to make mistakes in the latter. To do this, you can offer your customers several alternatives. For example, to be original they can play on optical illusions, on shadows. To be striking, they will be able to play on the dimensions and divert the scales. To be creative, they can reinvent the product by playing with a photograph or focusing on the result.

A message understood with appropriate fonts and sure staging. To support a message during visual creation, we recommend using a powerful font. It is true that it is often advisable not to use more than two or three fonts, but this number is sufficient to vary on the visual and thus affirm the main message. To help get a message across correctly, your customers can target the consumer on their interests. But if this is not the case, then the power of words must be harnessed. And yes, their impact should never be underestimated. By combining all these tips, the graphic design of any professional will be striking and effective. It will make a lasting impression… And that’s the goal!