Graphic Design: New Trends And Forecasts

Graphic design is probably the most creative field of digital design. But in addition to creativity and imagination, it is important to follow trends that change from time to time. In this article you will find all the main trends in graphic design.

Bright colors as the main trend

This year, the abundance of bright colors will be the main feature of graphic design. Color is both the basis and the “cornerstone” of web development, as it should attract the attention of the user, but not interfere with adequate perception.

Details and complexity

Were the years of development of minimalism and black color. Black and its shades were used by designers as the main color, and the priority was the formal style. Now, on the contrary, the emphasis shifts from simplicity to detail. Fascinating graphic images will attenuate the eye

Complementary reality (CR)

Complementary Reality is undoubtedly a trend that started to gain momentum last year. Graphics depicting real objects and their philosophy always attracts attention. What is CR? A picture consisting of two objects: one depicted in the style of skeevomorphism, and the other – as a digital metaphor.

It is well known that the most effective interaction takes place through visual means. And graphic design is best suited to the role of non-verbal communication language.

Sketches and Drawings

This is another trend that began to develop, the author’s graphics and a unique illustration is really “in price” in the audience. Sketches created by hand are often used to present almost any product or service.

Whether it’s the cover of a movie, books or landings. This works best when combined with photography. Painted illustrations will increasingly be found in graphic projects. It doesn’t matter if they’re in 3D or flat design.

Crossing styles

Unexpected turn, isn’t it? The key trend in graphic design is uniqueness and creativity. As a rule, the start is set by large international brands focused on the mass market, such as Etsy, Nike or Adidas, and after the trend is “picked up” in the market. Why not focus on real creativity this year?

Crossing and merging styles in one project is a challenge for your design team! Bright colors with gradients and sketches. Illustrations by hand and photos. Combine different options and create.

And now a little bit about which trends remain in the trend. They go from year to year continuously.

Constant trends in graphic design


If you are a designer, it must have been strange for you not to see the items with fonts in the trend list, but we intentionally did not include it, because quality typography is always relevant. Complex fonts are used in different styles.

However, in general, typography is not a graphic design, but only a style of presentation. Using the latest trends in web development, you can get the most out of the project and impress users.


“A two-color duo is a separate tool in the list. It is probably the only tool in the designer’s arsenal that remains timeless and will always be relevant.

Gradient and color transitions

Smooth color transitions in images and gradients in graphic design, as well as in the web – “eternal” trends. They were first mentioned in 2014, when several global brands started using them at once. Since then, the gradient has taken an honorable place in the arsenal of designers.

Symmetry and asymmetry

The reception has its pros and cons. The rules of symmetry and asymmetry application are the same both in graphic design and in projects on development of web-sites and mobile applications. Among the advantages of symmetry is called:

  • steak;
  • a tendency to perfectionism.

And among the drawbacks, ordinariness.

Asymmetry plays the opposite role for graphic design, most often it brings aesthetic pleasure, but not quite suitable for perfectionists. Asymmetry is extravagance.

Geometric shapes

Typical graphic design trend, isn’t it? But the representation of images in geometric shapes is best suited for niche businesses. You should be careful when using this design in, as it is easy to “spoil” the picture.

Design programs

And a few more words about graphic design programs that are recommended for use today. Almost all large companies offer excellent and multifunctional programs.

For example, Sketch for web and UI design, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. There are also free and open source programs for Linux, for example, GIMP, but it is pointless to talk about it within the scope of this article as there is limited functionality there.

Despite the fact that initially Photoshop was developed for editing and working with photos, many designers prefer it only. However, professionals still give priority to Adobe Illustrator, and that’s why:

  • Rich set of tools, you can easily work with both 2D and 3D-figures;
  • vector image format – for printing it is always necessary, so easy to make a printed project in any size;
  • Wide choice of plug-ins and settings.

So, the year should be approached to graphic design creatively, not to be afraid of bright colors and bold decisions. We hope that our review article “will wake up an internal designer in you”:)

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